What is Hypnobirthing?       

We teach self-hypnosis in group or individual sessions along with evidenced based gentle birthing methods. The process is intended to not only teach a specific technique that will help you to control, and in many cases, completely eliminate pain; but to also educate and inform you and your partner of practices which will facilitate a natural birth. Most importantly it will allow you and your partner to make informed choices as to how you would like to see your baby brought into the world.

Hypnosis will eliminate the fear with which most women in the western world approach pregnancy and child birth. It is this fear which inhibits your body's own natural ability to birth without medication. Hypnosis does not remove you from the birthing process; which is a common misconception about the nature of hypnosis. In fact the opposite is true.By breaking the cycle of fear-tension-pain through knowledge and learned
relaxation through self hypnosis, birthing becomes the natural process your
body is capable of. Instead of fear and pain your body's own natural abilities to give birth take over. During labor you remain in a deep state of relaxation.

Through training in self hypnosis you will be able to make positive suggestions to yourself as to what to feel during each and every contraction. You will be aware of your body's contractions, but will have predetermined what you want to feel. Although your are in a self induced hypnotic state, you remain awake and aware and are able to participate actively in the baby's birth.

You and your birth companion learn to create an atmosphere of intimacy and calm. Your birth companion has a specific and important role in supporting your practice of self hypnosis by learning a specific technique for enhancing your hypnotic state.

Hypnobirthing and evidenced based information about birthing practices places you and your birth companion in control of your birthing experience. Together you prepare a birthing plan based on the best sources of information for evidence based practices in childbirth. The concept of medically indicated, versus elective or routine intervention, is thoroughly explored. You and your birth companion receive support in discussing your complete birthing plan with your care giver.

HypnoBirthing is taught in Group & Individual sessions.
These Sessions may also be
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