What is Hypnobirthing?      

You will learn evidenced based gentle birthing methods. These methods are based on the latest research which has been found by The Maternity Center Association to be sound and has been shown to be beneficial to both mother and baby during pregnancy, labor and birth.

You will learn “self hypnosis” and your partner will learn how to help you “remain in” and “deepen” your self induced trance state so that you will achieve a deeply relaxed state during your labor. You will learn to remain in control of your birthing process without fear, tension and anxiety. You will be able to be awake and experience how your active participation in giving birth to your baby becomes one of the most memorable occasions of your life. Your partner will be taught in an easy to learn step by step fashion how to accompany you in this process.

You and your partner will be helped to create an atmosphere of intimacy and privacy for you both to share in this most important life event. Together you will be able to create a birthing plan and together you will be helped to share this birthing plan with your care giver. You will receive individual assistance in discussing this plan with your care giver so that he or she can fully understand and cooperate with you to fulfill your desires for a natural and uncomplicated birth.

As part of “gentle birthing methods” and “relaxation through self hypnosis”, you will learn how proven techniques can ease back labor, restart a stalled labor, or start a “delayed labor” should any of these events occur. The specific methods you will learn have been shown to increase your chances of avoiding a cesarean section, suction or forceps delivery.

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HypnoBirthing is taught in Group & Individual sessions.
These Sessions may also be
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Birthing With Hypnosis
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