My HypnoBirthing Home Study Course is especially designed for those expectant mothers and their partners who find it difficult to attend the HypnoBirthing classes.  I can honestly say that if you think you are hypnotizable, and most everyone is, this course will give you the best possible chance at a natural peaceful delivery than you might not otherwise have.

Angela Monti Fox, M.S., LCSW
NY State Certified Social Worker
Certified HypnoBirthing Practitioner

Complete Instructions for using the following materials:

Mind Over Labor
    by Carl Jones. 

   This book provides an easy to read guide on the theory and practice of    Hypnobirthing.

Two CD's with four individual  hypnotic scripts

            Birthing Affirmations
            Rainbow Meditation
            Opening Blossom/Satin Ribbons

(Each individual script in written form so that you may practice with your partner's voice as well as with my voice.)

*  Color photo of Dahlia to help induce hypnotic trance state.

The Comfort Zone CD by Stephen Halpern

Blue Prompt Card
(A Guide for You and Your Birth Companion during Labor and Delivery).  Includes complete instructions for your birth companion in helping you maintain and deepening your trance during each and every surge.

Help in avoiding an episiotomy or perineal tear
Instruction & Research on use of Perineal Massage and Kegal.

*  Complete Instructions for your partner in helping you maintain
    and deepen your trance during each and every surge.

*   Fear Release Guided Imagery
You and your birth companion can work together to eliminate fears and worries you may have about your labor and birthing naturally, peacefully and without unnecessary interventions or medication.

*   Natural Methods of Inducing Labor or restarting a stalled labor; Diagramed Acupressure Points Included

*  Help with back labor using 'Light Touch Massage'

*  A Step by Step guide to creating your “Birthing Plan”. 
This section provides you with special help in creating your birthing plans as well as preparing you and your birth companion for an informed discussion with your "care giver".  You receive the most up to date information on practices for safe and effective care supported by the most recent publications issued by The Maternity Center Association:

                     *The Rights of Childbearing Women
                     *Women supporting Women - Using A Doula
                     *Your Guide To Safe And Effective Care During Labor                        and Delivery

(1) Use of Hypnosis to Avoid pain. 
(2) The Sexuality of Birth.
(3) Pros and Cons of Epidurals. 
(4) Avoiding Pitocin.
(5) Natural Ways to Induce Labor or Restart a Stalled Labor. 
(6) Using Hypnosis Turning Breech.

Your Home Study Course includes email or phone consultation with Angela Monti Fox as needed.

Total Cost:  $275.00

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Music for Mother and Baby by Steven Halpern

HypnoBirthing is taught in Group & Individual sessions.

These Sessions may also be Insurance Reimbursable

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