Learning self hypnosis and gentle birthing methods helps the natural birthing process in the following ways:

  • Hypnosis is the tool which allows you to overcome the fear and anxiety most women in our culture feel about labor and birthing.

  • The technique induces a natural state of relaxation so you can eliminate the fatigue of labor. Through this technique you will influence your body to feel exactly what you would like to feel during each and every “contraction” instead of fear and pain. Each “contraction” can be felt as a simple “surge” or “pressure” or even a “tingling” sensation instead of “agonizing pain”.

  • Using mental imagery under self hypnosis, your conscious mind learns to send positive messages to your body Both self hypnosis and knowledge of gentle birthing methods helps you to build a new confidence in your body's own natural ability to birth without unnecessary interventions.

  • Self hypnosis and gentle birthing methods increases your chances of having a shorter easier labor ending in a natural vaginal birth, without an episiotomy.

  • You and your partner receive individualized help in preparing your birthing plan to present to your care giver.

  • Your partner receives special preparation in assisting you during your labor. This special preparation is also offered to your labor support Doula or other family members whom you may have asked to attend your birth.

HypnoBirthing is taught in Group & Individual sessions.
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